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Anime Life Planner Notion Template


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Are you an anime fan? You want to manage your life with an aesthetic template. Our all-in-one notion template is made for you. Enjoy the most powerful animated notion template designed especially for studio ghibli fans.

Organize your daily life with our all-in-one ultimate notion life planner. The notion template includes +75 pre-built tools & +200 pages. The Life planner template is the only template to organise your life and achieve your goals. This powerful aesthetic notion template included many tools such as notion meal planner, notion fitness & workout, notion finance and more.

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📈 Productivity : Plan, Daily Routine, Habit Tracker, Tasks Hub, Goals, Bucketlist, Notes, Flowtime Technique, Pomodoro Timer.

☀️ Wellness : Reading List, Daily Journal, Random Links, Wishlist, Skincare, Mood Tracker, Date Ideas, Trip Planner, Sleep Tracker, Dream Tracker, Language Hub, Meditation Tracker, Hydration Tracker, Cleaning Tracker.

🎓 School : Course Planning, Class Notes, Resume, What to Pack For College ?, Job Applications, Pomodoro Timer, Networking.

🥙 Nutrition : Recipes Gallery, Ingredients Database, My Kitchen, Cooking Videos, Shopping List, Pantry.

💰 Finance : New Income, New Expense, Expenses by category, Income by category, Expenses Calendar, Income Calendar, Monthly Recap, Accounts Balance

🏃‍♀️Fitness : Weekly Fitness Planner, Exercises, Workout Library, Fitness Tracker, 30 days challenge, Workout videos, Gym Equipment, Progress Photos, Measurement & Weight Tracker


Anime Life Planner Notion Template

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Love it so much. Helped me get organized. I was able to edit it to make it more personal!


Sadly not really for me, but it's cute.


One of my favorite templates. Easy to customize and use. It has everything you see in the promotions.

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